FDMS(Fanvil Device Management System)is a web-based, real-time, intelligent and unified tool to manage multiple Fanvil devices. Dealers/customers of Fanvil can realize the powerful functionalities of remote deployment, unified management, real-time analysis and high-efficiency monitoring of Fanvil devices via this platform.

- Installed on the server of control center for the remote control/upgrade/maintenance/configuration on the terminals, and man agement on access control card and record.

- Operation system windows server2012 with B/S Structure. Easy to maintain and upgrade with cross-platform application.
- Terminal Management, including online status check, auto provision, remote parameter modification, terminal reset and upgrade, batch upgrade and addition.
- Access Card Management, including card's addition, deletion, edition and distribution.
- Access Record Management, including synchronization, statistics, deletion and query.
- Account Management, including account addition and deletion , address management and sub account management.

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